About the Team

Protect Nursing Homes was developed through collaborative efforts of talented researchers, technologists, and advisors.
Research Team
Judith Chevalier
Judith Chevalier, Yale School of Management, Yale University
Professor Chevalier’s research is in the areas of both finance and industrial organization. Some of her recent research examines the interaction between customer reviews and firm strategy, consumer foresight in markets for durable goods, the impact of state regulations in the market for funeral products and services, and the taste for leisure as a determinant of occupational choice. She has written a series of papers on the economics of electronic commerce, the interaction between firm capital structure and product market competition, price seasonality and cyclicality, and tests of models of agency relationships and career concerns, and firm diversification. Recently, her work has focused on the effects of new technologies on firms, individuals, and policy.
Keith Chen
M. Keith Chen, Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles
Keith Chen is a Professor of Behavioral Economics at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His research blurs traditional disciplinary boundaries in both subject and methodology, bringing unorthodox tools to bear on problems at the intersection of Economics, Psychology, and Biology. He also advises numerous companies on topics at the intersection of behavioral economics, business strategy, and dynamic pricing. Most recently he was the Head of Economic Research for Uber, where among other projects he designed Uber's current "Surge" pricing model.
Elisa Long
Elisa Long, National Bureau of Economic Research and Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles
Associate Professor Elisa Long’s research integrates epidemiological modeling, economic analysis and decision making under uncertainty, with the aim of assessing the value of health interventions to help policymakers allocate limited resources most effectively. She has constructed mathematical models to simulate HIV epidemics in Russia, India, South Africa, Ghana and the United States, with the goal of identifying what combination of investments maximizes “bang for the buck.”
Project Leads
David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson, Tobin Center at Yale University
Wilkinson is Executive Director of the Tobin Center which supports data-driven research and advances the resulting insights for policy impact to strengthen families, communities and the nation. Wilkinson has served as Director of the White House Office of Social Innovation and has served two Connecticut Governors in cabinet-level roles, as Commissioner of Early Childhood and State Chief Performance Officer. His work has contributed meaningfully to fields of data-driven and evidence-based policy in the United States. At the federal and state level, he has helped design, pass and implement laws and policies founded in research and enabled by data-intensive social science. Wilkinson has won national recognition for advancing innovations in government. His efforts have received coverage from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Economist, national TV networks, CNN, and NPR.
Rachel Diaz
Rachel Diaz, Tobin Center at Yale University
Rachel Diaz is Project Coordinator of the Tobin Center where she facilitates collaborations between Yale research teams and local, state and national policymakers, along with other academics and data analysts nationwide. Prior to joining the Center, Rachel worked on Health Economics Outcomes Research in the economic consulting sector, and worked under former Miami-Dade County Deputy Mayor Alina Hudak. Rachel received an A.A. in Economics from Miami-Dade Community College, and a B.A in Economics from Yale University.
Technology Team
The development of this site was supported by U.S. Digital Response led by Raphael Lee and the expertise of:
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